Ignoring Reality is a Heinous Disservice to “His” Kids

July 8, 2009 1 comment


Fascinating, isn’t it, how human nature is revealed during something like the passing of Michael Jackson?

Like so many others in the world, I grew up with Michael’s music and enjoyed it. Yes, many of my fondest memories were connected to it. Those connections are somewhat, but not entirely, marred by his real legacy. How can special, happy, significant, poignant memories of key moments in anyone’s life linked, for example, to a James Brown song, be irrevocably damaged by the knowledge that he only enjoyed full sexual fulfillment from scatological encounters and went to jail on charges related to this sexual predilection?

But the outpouring we have and continue to see for Whacko Jacko is akin to the unconditional support we saw amongst many in the black community for OJ Simpson, even after it was abundantly clear that he murdered his white ex-wife and her friend in cold blood. If you are a decent human being, of any colour or stripe, if you are a moral person, you have an obligation to stand up and speak out about immorality and the abuse of innocents.

Reverend Al Sharpton said to Michael’s adopted kids at the funeral that there was nothing strange about Jacko, only that the treatment he faced was strange. Excuse me? Last time I checked, Al’s title is “Reverend” and the responsibility that comes along with that title is standing up for the innocents of the world — Michael was no innocent, but did prey upon them. Still a brilliant performer, but a deeply disturbed individual, a child predator.

Let’s let the words of so many fans ring forever in our conscience: “Michael REALLY loved children”. Yes, he certainly did.

I understand the sentiment and reluctance to mar our memories, and I understand there’s a significant portion of the population who aren’t adept at dealing with issues at a conceptual level, or aren’t emotionally equipped to confront unpleasantness, but this was a man with a very sad and tragic upbringing that lead him to perpetuate the cycle of creating more disturbed adults by doing to others what was done to him.

I’d argue that anyone who unconditionally supports a child abuser quite literally empowers all abusers. If it’s OK for a rich guy to do whatever he feels compelled to, then it must be OK for anyone with the perversion. Michael Jackson was one of the wealthiest people in the world, and he never stopped using that power to relentlessly work to fulfill the sexual gratification he craved.

At puberty his voice never matured. Why? Only the removal of a male’s testosterone-producing glands would produce this result, and sexual predilections begin by age 13, they don’t begin in maturity. EVERYone back then KNEW that the fact Mikey’s voice never changed was disturbing — it was both unnatural and virtutaly impossible. He did not want to mature, it was clear, he wanted to remain 12 years old forever (it wasn’t just about his voice, folks!). It was back then that his surgical self-mutilation began.

Years later he was about to be convicted of child molestation when the then 12 year old victim told police he could prove that he’d seen Jacko’s genitals by telling them that there was something unusual about them. What was so distinctive about genitals? (Recall it was this titillating bit of evidence that forced Mikey and his lawyers to ‘pony up’ and pay off the Chandler family, clearly offering them a deal that included being legally obliged to pay back, or lose access to, the multi-millions of dollars they received in ‘hush money’ if any member of the family EVER revealed any of Michael’s secrets or actions.)

Why did he ‘fall in love’ with a boy the same age as he was when he tried to freeze his development, as it was clear he had to everyone around MJ when he dominated the life of Jordan Chandler for almost a year, until the boy had the courage to speak up back in 1993:


In his teens, Michael mysteriously began never being seen without a glove on his right hand. What was he covering up? Given the fact that he’s the only black person I’ve ever heard of who successfully went from black to totally white, it was most likely vitiligo, a not uncommon depigmentation disease. (From Wikipedia: “The most notable symptom of vitiligo is depigmentation of patches of skin that occurs on the extremities. Although patches are initially small in size, they can often start to enlarge and change shape. When skin lesions occur, they are most prominent on the face, hands and wrists. Depigmentation is particularly noticeable around body orifices, such as the mouth, eyes, nostrils, genitalia and umbilicus.”)

Interesting that he remained quite obviously black until his 30’s, then rather suddenly turned white, which could only be explained by his having spend a TON of money on medical treatements to either de-pigment his skin (you can see the purplish transparency of his facial skin in close up photos) or induce vitiligo universalis, leaving little pigmentation anywhere on the body. If anyone had the money to pay for this kind of procedure, it was Jacko.

What was up with the cosmetic surgery? Mikey liked comics, as any 12 year old boy would, and he wanted to attract children to him, hence the enormous investment in everything he could come up with that might bring children to him: chimpanzees, giraffes, an amusement park, a private, secluded ranch where no one could penetrate his bedroom, dolls, the Elephant Man’s bones, and a comic-book hero’s face. Think about it. He was NOT trying to look like his sister, who also had surgery on her nose, but like a comic book hero that 12 year old boys, ideally caucasian, would like. He became the image of what he’d like to embrace, absorb, control, have sex with…



Let’s take a look at what Jordy, the love of Jacko’s life when he was 12, looks like today:



Many kids become disturbed due to early life trauma, trauma such as a dad who beats you and controls the entire family, forcing them to perform together, etc., which is what Joe Jackson, the patriarch, did with all his kids. And if you want to understand childhood trauma, imagine being taken out of school with your own-age peers at 5 years old and never attending normal school or having same-age friends ever again…That kind of trauma might even turn you into a 12 year old who doesn’t want to grow up and is fixated on little boys similar to yourself when your sexual feelings begin to emerge and develop. Mix in the issue of growing up black when most of the real power and success in the entertainment world you are submerged in and controlled by was (is) in the hands of whites…

Why was Jacko trying to invest in an amusement park in Poland in the mid-90’s? The Poles were desperate for investment, the economy was only just beginning to grow and the opportunity to pay the authorities to allow you to do all kinds of nefarious things was possible — and the young, very caucasian-looking children, many of whom had black hair, were attractive targets for a character like Whacko Jacko.

Why did Michael’s PR team set up a marriage of convenience with Lisa Marie Presley immediately after the pedophile charges? Everyone could see he was obviously not interested in women, much less adults, so no one with an IQ over 85 ever believed this was anything but a total sham. She admitted they never ‘consummated’ the relationship and interviews reveal that she was seeking a male figure in her life who was similar to her drug-addicted father, a man she could struggle to “fix” to compensate for having been unable to “fix” the dad she barely knew and lost so early in her life.

Look back at what Michael was singing about for so many decades. Pop fans like to believe he was writing songs just for them because he loved them all so much. Or did he love the power they put in his hands by buying his music and making him vastly rich and by adoring him unconditionally, feeding his enormous ego? His songs were NOT about his fans, but about himself, as most singers’ songs are:

  • Be careful with who you mess around with (Billy Jean) because they might come back and demand things later.
  • It does’t matter if you’re black or white.
  • PYT – Pretty Young (12 year old) Thing.
  • Ain’t nobody’s business but mine and my baby’s.

The list includes most of his songs if you listen to them in the context of his relationship with Jordan Chandler. There are hundreds of references in all of the songs he wrote to his very particular and peculiar personal issues.

So we have an enormously rich, powerful man doing all he can to stay 12 years old himself, to look like a Caucasian comic book hero, spend millions to create a trap to attract children, yet all of his attempts to land another Jordy Chandler are being largely thwarted. Then stories of young orphans from the former Soviet Union being ‘adopted’ by single males in the developed world begin surfacing. MJ was tightly connected with his plastic surgery clinic where the staff has proven to be very pliable and keep things VERY quiet if enough money is available. Gradually a new idea emerges:

Who could deny a guy the chance to become a dad?

Mikey placed an order for two kids, but he really wanted a bevy of white boys with no mommy on the scene — and he was not exactly incestuous, so in quick order, another marriage was arranged, two kids were produced and some paperwork was signed. It was admitted that coitus never occurred, the two children were conceived via artificial insemination — with some male’s sperm. Unfortunately one of the kids turned out to be a girl…

After successfully securing the first two kids, Michael, as he did to an extreme degree with his cosmetic surgery, went ‘all the way’ to obtain another, even more ideal-looking boy, and paid another surrogate mother (less strings attached, but also more opportunity for ‘custom ordering’, more on that in a moment) to produce one. (One clear demonstration of a total lack of innate parental instinct is to hold your baby over a precipice, like a hotel balcony. The third human being he had designed and produced for him — and that he nick-named after an INANIMATE OBJECT, “Blanket”, a ‘comforter’ you take to bed with you and snuggle — was dangled thusly in public.)

Now only a deeply narcissistic individual (narcissistic personality disorder is defined as someone who cares more for himself than anyone else, more than he cares about even his own kids) names himself “The King of Pop”, and then names his two boys “Prince Michael I” and “Prince Michael II”. (What did he call them at home? “Number 1” and “Two”?)

Famously, Michael admitted to having his children sleep in his bed with him. I wonder if little Paris, his ‘daughter’ often woke up alone in her own bed, however? (I can see the 12 year old’s bedroom door sign: “NO GIRLS ALLOWED!”)

After disposing of the mother problem, by October of 2005 Michael moved the kids to an Arab country where there are no real laws on the book about pedophilia and where fathers have ultimate control over their families, without scrutiny or consequences for murdering or disfiguring daughters, for example and where purchasing/renting young boys for homosexual encounters is kept under the table. He also bought himself some points with his new hosts by reportedly donating for the construction of a mosque near his home. He also kept all his children veiled in public. Why was he working so hard not only to live far from any criticism or oversight, but also preventing anyone from seeing the children’s faces?

When he finally, only after the oldest were TEN YEARS OLD (that’s a loooong time to be kept in hiding!), allowed the children’s faces to be revealed while traveling through an airport, one thing became VERY clear for anyone in the world who cared to look and remember what Michael’s genes look like (not his surreal metamorphosis).  The African-American gene is expressed dominantly when whites and blacks produced mixed children. In every mixed conception, broad nostrils, kinky hair and a dark complexion are always evident, even if marginally. Not in any of these THREE children, however.  Clearly because none of them share Michael Jackson’s DNA (although the first two are clearly Debbie Rowe’s kids). All three are pure Caucasian:



Nicely pulled off, Mikey! (And what fun for him behind closed doors!  Inside Neverland Whacko Jacko had a room filled with 12 year old sized dolls dressed in various uniforms — all of them were white.)

What is EXTREMELY disturbing about the third child is that we could finally see that the little guy was “custom ordered.” Debbie’s kids came out with light hair but the last child, from an egg and a sperm donor who I’d guess BOTH had white skin and jet black, straight hair, like the long black wig that Mikey took to wearing.

Think about that.

For the last kid Mikey went out shopping for a genetically ideal egg and sperm donors to produce a boy that looked just like he wanted it to (the appearance of the surrogate ‘baby oven’ was unimportant if the embryo was produced in vitro), then kept the boy’s hair long the way he liked it…

mj_kid3 Now if all you diehard fans aren’t starting to feel just a smidgen of disgust about the cold hard facts, keep another in mind: pedophiles do not choose their perversion, but they also cannot ‘turn it off’. It never goes away. Once a foot-fetishist, ALWAYS a foot-fetishist.

Almost everything in Michael Jackson’s private life was built around trying to get close enough to pre-pubescent white boys to get them into his bedroom — it wasn’t a cutesy ‘love of children’. Some pedophiles have the moral strength to acknowledge that they are permanently damaging innocent kids by acting upon their impulses and, recognizing that they’ll never be able to change, request chemical castration, but the majority, due to human nature’s built-in ego-supporting mechanism, insist they are ‘normal’ and they seek out other paedophiles to hang out with and reaffirm their ‘normalcy’. Michael, suffering from a severe narcissisitic personality disorder, could never admit he had a problem and had the power of virtually unlimited funding to fulfill his dark desires.

(His final concerts were only arranged and agreed to after the licensing deal that funded his lavish lifestyle ran out in 2008.  He suddenly needed another source of revenue and had to come out of hiding.)

Note that in the funeral ceremony, ONLY the little girl spoke up, not her older brother, and she said: “Ever since I was born, Daddy was the best father you could ever imagine!” Lovely. Except that the kids never were exposed to anyone outside of the house in Bahrain, so how would she imagine what a good daddy was supposed to be like? Perhaps she might have thought that what daddy did in the bed and bath with her brothers was being a great dad! Patty Hearst loved her captors too, it’s a common reaction for captives, and is 100% natural for a child growing up sequestered. It’s also likely that nothing ‘untoward’ ever happened to her — her dad consistently demonstrated his intense, exclusive interest in little boys.

So far, and likely until the poor little boys are old enough to write a version of “Mommy Dearest”, those two lads are not going to have a lot to say to the world, sadly. In the meantime, all those unconditionally loving Michael Jackson fans might want to think about what they’d feel if their own kids were orphaned and then adopted by a pedophile…

Yay, Mikey! You were the best dad EVER!